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Before/After using Opalescence™ toothpaste
Before/After using Opalescence Go™
Before/After using Opalescence™ PF
Before/After using Opalescence™ Boost™

Whitens teeth up to two shades in two weeks1

Actual results from 7 days of Opalescence Go 6% whitening

Actual results from 30 days of Opalescence PF 10% whitening

Actual results from 1 hour treatment using Opalescence Boost whitening.

Tube of Opalescence™ toothpaste
Trays for Opalescence Go™
Syringe and tray for Opalescence™ PF
Box of Opalescence™ Boost™

Frequency of Use

Usage may vary, always consult your dentist

2x day

or as directed by your dentist

1x day

for 10 days or until desired shade

1x day

for 10 days or until desired shade

2 or 3

20-minute applications by a dental professional

Wear Times

1 min

of thorough brushing twice a day or directed by your dentist

60-90 mins.


% Hydrogen Peroxide

8-10 hrs.

/ overnight


4-6 hrs.


2-4 hrs.


30-60 mins.


15-20 mins.


% Carbamide Peroxide

About 1 hr

20 minutes per application by dental professional



Application Method

Any Toothbrush

Universal UltraFit Tray

Custom-made Tray

Applied by Dental Professional


Original / Sensitivity Relief
Mint / Melon
Regular / Mint / Melon
Opalescence Toothpaste Start Your Whitening Journey Today
Opalescence Go Start Your Whitening Journey Today
Opalescence Pf Start Your Whitening Journey Today
Opalescence Boost Consult Your Dentist for Best Results

1. Dursun MN, Ergin E, Tekce AU, Gurgan S. Which whitening toothpaste with different contents is more effective on color and bond strength of enamel?. J Esthet Restor Dent. 2023;35(2):397-405. doi:10.1111/jerd.12968